Hi! My name is Chloe. This is my mom, Jackie, and my little brother, Chewie. I know we don’t look alike because we started out with different parents, but now he’s my brother and part of our family.


I want to share stories of our family, all the funny and silly experiences we have, lessons we learn, and about all the friends we meet along the way.

Mom and I lived in a cute little row house in Hilton Village in Newport News, Virginia – we had a lot of fun just her and me. Then one Friday night Uncle Josh called mom on her cell phone and our lives were changed forever (Uncle Josh is my FAVORITE uncle in Virginia…he plays with me and snuggles with me, and gives me lots of treats!)

josh collage

Uncle Josh was at work in James City County’s Upper County Park, one of the parks he takes care of when this little tiny puppy ran up to him. The puppy was so sad and hungry, so Uncle Josh gave him potato chips…it was all he had left from his lunch and he wanted to share with the poor lost puppy. The chips were so yummy that the puppy followed him everywhere! When it was time to lock up for the night Uncle Josh didn’t know what to do. He tried to drive away and hope the little puppy would find his way home, but instead, the puppy ran and ran as fast as his little legs could carry him after the big pick up truck. Of course, my Uncle Josh has the biggest heart EVER for dogs, so he picked him up, put him in the truck, and called my mom – she’s the brains of stuff.

Lucky for everyone, mom was housesitting for Aunt Pat and that was near the park, so Uncle Josh brought this tiny puppy to meet us. BOY WAS HE DIRTY and I like to play in the dirt, but he was really dirty!

Uncle Josh, being a Star Wars fan, decided that the puppy looked like Chewbacca – mom and I weren’t so sure, but we started calling him Chewie and he seemed to like it!

After lots of baths, some medicine to fix Chewie’s tummy, and a haircut, he became my brother. Mom says everything happens for a reason…I think Chewie came to bring laughter, joy, and adventure to our little family. Follow along to learn more!